The “What Ifs”….

Flashes of my life after my recent 50th birthday made me more aware of the necessity of being true to my path. For far too long the conflicting strategy of “What Ifs” plagued my pre-fifty world LOL! I gave the “What Ifs” permission to reign, while simultaneously validating myself by believing “I’m being responsible by weighing the worst case probabilities.” In reality, my actions of entertaining the “What Ifs” is what it is, Lisa giving control to “FEAR” False Evidence Appearing Real rather than admitting I don’t really trust God 100% to give me the expected ending I desire most. By confronting the battles in my mind that frequently attempts to discourage me that God’s will for my life is unattainable, I now understand this is the pathway I must endure to achieve my anticipated ending. I have come to truly know and accept that the “What Ifs” of life are a waste of my time, a tactic that will never provide a profitable return on any investment. The “What Ifs” are mere “HYPE” obstacles that when unchecked threatens my faithfulness to my path leaving me in the position of jeopardizing all of God’s promises for me. I can’t do it! I must be faithful and trust that God is a promise keeper. He desires only the best life for me. Difficult life decisions do not negate this truth. I must voluntarily evict the “What Ifs!” Stay focus on the One that is able to do more than you or I could ever imagine. My anticipated ending is secured by my 100% commitment to trust in Him! #LURH


It’s Not What It Looks Like…

This week has ignited quite a commotion. It appears that the struggle of overall life has impacted many that one must truly remain focus in order to see God’s handiwork. My prayer life this week has taken on a wide range of references. From news of people suffering with unexplainable sickness, to others searching for understanding as to how to unwrap forgiveness in order to move forward, while incorporating those who continue in the fight to deny, dodge, or even defy depression. Yet, in spite of all of these variables, news of a promotion in salary from a friend, the outward demonstration of kindness shown by a stranger to a youth, the lessons from others that reveal great insight, and new beginnings for loved ones who thought it was not possible, thankfulness discovers a pathway to escape my heart through my voice. As stillness provides a sense of peace, God’s ability is so crystal clear. It brings such awareness as to how He uses negative and positive conditions to balance our daily lives as He cultivates the love within us. These quotes are so refreshing, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “looks can be deceiving.” They confirm that one never truly comprehends the condition of a life, unless it’s your own. Therefore, we need not be too quick to tell the tale of another; after all you didn’t experience all of their pages. #LURH

This race I’m in, I win…

I woke up this morning with the words of Galatians 6:9 penetrating my soul. “Let’s not get tired of doing what is good, for at the right time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.” The rumbling of these words silenced the unhealthy thoughts that were attempting to add chaos to my day by questioning if in fact there is a time limit for doing good? This passage gently reassures me that if I continue doing good while enduring the process, Lisa is guaranteed a great reward. As the awareness of Ecclesiastes 9:11 erupted “I saw something else under the sun. The race isn’t won by fast runners, or the battle by heroes. Wise people don’t necessarily have food. Intelligent people don’t necessarily have riches, and skilled people don’t necessarily receive special treatment. But time and unpredictable events overtake us all. It is here, I recognize that all of these things are only known by God, who has the power to give me success. #LURH


As the 2nd quarter of 2017 approaches its closing, the challenge to “reflect” on the condition of my life is recognizable. Through cautious inspection, I query if indeed my relationship with God and those that I truly love, my finances, my health and my dreams are priorities. I am careful not to be too harsh on myself by continuing to learn how to celebrate all growth. I am conscious that no matter the size of the development, the progress or the advancement all healthy changes are beneficial. More importantly, I applaud the invisible growths, my inner fight is detectable during those milestones when considerations of my well-known unhealthy habits still exists, and remain in direct conflict with the appropriate words, actions or deeds that should be demonstrated. This awareness drives the “reassessment” stage where the potential to become stronger at intentionally conquering “unhealthy” while separately allowing “healthy” to emerge as a result of sensible, informed choices. Equip with this knowledge, the opportunity to “revise” the area or areas of my life that are not contributing or producing the desired results are conceivable. By reflecting, reassessing and revising, I am not sure about you, however, I am confident my 3rd quarter 2017 will be profitable. #LURH


I was never built to beg!!!

It is funny how as a kid, I can recall mastering the art of begging to get what I wanted from those in the position of authority to grant my request. Whether it was a piece of candy, permission to attend a social event or approval for a sleepover, the act of begging through my eyes appeared to be a valuable and profitable skill.

That is until the revelation of these three simple words found in Matthew 7:7 “Ask, Seek, Knock.” As understanding invaded and penetrated my thought process, I discovered not only the importance and significance of these three modest words but the power they can unleash. They disclosed to me, that if or when I made a conscious decision to align myself with my Creator’s vision for my life, whatever I ask it will be given to me; when I seek I will find what I am looking for; and when I knock the door will be open that I need to walk through. These three uncertain words confirmed how righteous actions will advance my journey. As a result of my growth, I am learning how to ask for the resources that keep me seeking after my assignment and the boldness to knock at the door that aligns with my purpose. Because I am confident in the fact that I was never created to be a beggar!!! #LURH

The Secret to Successful Living

I considered the amount of time I once wasted looking for something I expected would be far deeper and definitely much more intellectual when I discovered the simplicity of the formula for living a successful life. I silently laughed to and at myself, as I deliberated over potenially missed opportunities as a result of my ignorance. The single requirement for living a successful life, alignment with the Creator. I know it sounds way too easy, but the truth of the matter, when we consciously make this decision, it goes against every fiber of our human being. As a human race, it’s definitely easier to consider that the secret to successful living must be some grand external gesture. After all, we have learned how to glamourize celebrities, those in high ranking positions, and individuals with outrageous material riches as successful over spiritual growth and commitment. Never completely understanding, the life we value so dearly has already been crowned with the label “unsuccessful,” merely because our alignment with the Creator is tainted. By our own means we have conditioned our mindset to be shaped and measured by comparison, competition and corruption within ourselves and others. Don’t be alarmed; at one stage or another we will all struggle with these three silent killer traits that we believe produces success. Until we face truth, with the understanding that my success, which is another word for purpose was designed exclusively for me. Meaning, there is no competition, unless I’m fighting with myself! But more importantly, accepting that as long as I remain in alignment, I avoid corruption which results in me living my successful life. I just have to say “Thank you Lord for all you do for me!” LOL.. #LURH


Sabotaging Solutions…

As I am writing, I chuckled to myself as the words “I am guilty of sabotaging solutions” entwine with my thoughts. Reflection is that underestimated tool that has the potential to instantly add, subtract or in some cases multiply the value you place on self. Simple experiment, when something or someone truthfully extraordinary and unforeseen shows up in your life what is your initial analysis? If we are likeminded and honest, I would have to say before fully embracing the goodness, I question its authenticity. Whether its arrival is from a genuine position and more importantly is it specifically meant for me. This situation swiftly shifts me towards the pathway of deep self-conversations where brain justifying activity is strong.  My concentration sways towards sidestepping the unforeseen blessing instead of aligning with it because I have convinced myself that being in my comfort zone is far safer, when all it really offers is a false sense of security. Definitely, opposing to the words I utter during my prayer petitions, LOL! If I remain still long enough too actually listen and pay attention, truth quietly whispers, your resistance to the extraordinary is measuring your level of trust in the Creator while gauging your own perception of your worth. It is here I must rely and rehearse the Creator’s image of me according to Ps. 139:14, I have been amazingly and miraculously made. However, the battle I encounter, the fear that if and when I decide to embrace His goodness, this decision will leave me exposed and unprotected, doubting that goodness has the capacity to last forever. It’s in this crisis, I cannot afford to be intimidated, I must reposition my thought process to understand and accept that these solutions equip me to preserve a blessed life. It’s essential that I do the work of recognizing and demonstrating my worth in Him by not sabotaging solutions!! Here is where I discover the importance of Ps. 84:11, it reminds me that there is no good thing He would withhold from them that walk uprightly. #LURH